Rules & Regulations



  1. This Society is affiliated with, and the Show runs under the rules and regulations of the Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia, unless otherwise specified in this schedule.

  2. The committee may at any time disqualify from exhibiting, either indefinitely or for such period as it may think fit, any exhibitor who has in the opinion of the committee been guilty of any breach of these regulations, or whose conduct whether at or during any Show of the Society has, in the opinion of the committee, been such that he/she is unfit to exhibit at any Show of the said Society.

  3. The society may refuse any entry without giving any reason therefore.

  4. No person who has been disqualified from exhibiting at any Show of the said Society, or any Show affiliated therewith, shall during the period of disqualification be allowed to act as agent, representative or servant of any exhibitor at any Show of the Society.

  5. During the period of disqualification no entry will be received from any person disqualified by the said Society or any Society affiliated therewith and should any entry be accidently accepted it shall be deemed to be void and the entry fees returned.

  6. The committee reserves the right to postpone and further postpone the Show from advertised dates and may make what alterations it deems necessary in the schedule of prizes or other Show arrangements.

  7. The committee reserves the right to refuse admittance to any person or persons on the grounds. NO DOGS allowed on the grounds, except for those taking part in the show. These must be under strict control of their owners at all times.

  8. Livestock which has been exhibited at any unregistered Show shall be disqualified from competing at any Show of the Society and the exhibitor of such stock shall be disqualified.

  9. The decision of the committee on all points shall be final




  1. Friday: Adults (16 and over)  $15.00. Children under 16 years unaccompanied by an adult $5. Children under 16 accompanied by an adult admitted free. 

  2. Saturday:  Adults (16 and over)  $15.00. Children under 16 years unaccompanied by an adult $5. Children under 16 accompanied by an adult admitted free.

  3. Aged Pension  & Seniors Card Holders: $8.00.

  4. It is an accepted policy of the South West Group of Show Societies that everyone without a ticket or pass must pay the admission price to shows.

  5. All livestock attendants’ passes will be issued on application to the Secretary before the day of the Show.

  6. Firms exhibiting in the trade display area will be entitled to passes as per the Trade Space Application Form. Applications must be made to the Secretary before Show Day




  1. Applications for space for stands, machinery, implements etc close with the Secretary two weeks prior to the Show. Foods stall holders to comply with health by-laws of the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River.

  2. Public Liability Risk Insurance: All commercial exhibitors shall effect a public liability risk policy with an insurance company approved by the Society and shall produce on demand such policy or a receipt for the payment of the premium.

  3. The policy shall be for a sum not less than two million dollars, or five million dollars for sideshow operators.




  1. Entries accompanied by fees for all sections must be in the hands of the Secretary no later than Wednesday 14th October 2015. Entries can also be posted with the fees to:

  2. The Secretary, PO Box 135, Margaret River WA 6285. Exhibit cards will be issued from the Secretary’s office, which will be open daily, excluding the weekend from Friday 9th October 2015 between the hours of 9.00 am and 4.00 pm. If exhibit cards are required to be returned by post please

  3. Should there be fewer than three entries in any class the committee reserves the right to amend the prize for the class.

  4. a) Every exhibit must be the bona fide property or produce of the exhibitor or have been in the possession of the exhibitor for at least six months. This does not apply to Horses in Action unless specifically stated.

  5. b) All exhibits in the Children’s sections must be the child’s own work.

  6. Entries not collected by Friday 23rd October will be disposed of.

  7. All arrangements as to the position, classification and grouping of the exhibits shall be under the control of the stewards.

  8. The Exhibitor will be held responsible for the collection of exhibits after the Show.

  9. Every care will be taken but the committee will not accept responsibility for the loss or damage of exhibits. The Society will not be responsible for any accident that may be caused by the exhibitor and it shall be a condition of entry that each exhibitor shall hold the Society blameless against any legal proceedings arising from any such accident. All exhibitors must present their Copy of Entry Form  before collecting exhibits




  1. Exhibition Hall judging varies between sections. Some judging occurs before and some on Show Friday. Please check the respective sections for benching times (when exhibits must be received for judging).

  2. With the exception of Stewards, the Exhibition Hall shall be cleared of all persons at 3.30pm on Show Saturday,  and be re-opened at 4.00pm for Exhibitors to collect their exhibits. Re-entry shall only be upon presentation of “Copy of Entry Form” to door keepers. Section Stewards to check items collected against the “Copy of Entry Form” items.

  3. NB: Exhibition hall closes Friday evening 8.15pm prior to fireworks.

  4. All Agricultural Society prize money must be collected at the Payout office on  Show Saturday between 3.00pm and 5.00pm.  Your “Copy of Entry Form” is required to collect prizes.  Special Award prizes to be collected from the relevant Steward.

  5. In the event of there being no competition in any class, prizes must be given if the judges certify to particular merit, but they are specially requested to withhold prizes even where there is no competition if the exhibits are of inferior quality or not suitable for the class in which they are competing. They may award second and third prize instead of first, or even divide prizes.

  6. Best Exhibit in the Exhibition Hall is to be chosen from all First Prize exhibits in the Exhibition Hall by an appointed committee of three.




  1. Exhibition Hall stewards will be required to attend their section on Show  Friday at 8.00am for the receipt and placing of all exhibits, or at times as arranged by the section Steward.

  2. Stewards for the stock sections should attend the showground at 8am on Show Saturday unless otherwise instructed by their respective chief stewards.

  3. Stewards must attend to the receiving, classification and placing of all exhibits. Also waiting on the judges, furnishing  them with award books, prize cards and ribbons and any other information necessary.

  4. If there is any dispute after judging, the steward must report this to the Secretary so that action can be taken promptly.

  5. It shall be the duty of the steward to prevent any person interfering with the judge and if necessary to order the removal of the offender. Persons in charge of any exhibit must on no occasion address the judge or leave their exhibit during the judging unless authorised by the Chief Steward of the section.

  6. Exhibition Hall stewards must be on hand by no later than 4.00 pm on the Saturday to check people taking articles from the Hall. Copy of Entry Form must be produced.

  7. Stewards will attend their respective judges at all times including being responsible for Luncheon tickets, which may be picked up on the morning of the Show

  8. Protests against awards must be in writing to the Secretary within 30 minutes of the Exhibition Hall opening (4pm Show Friday) and must be accompanied by a deposit of half the money involved, which may be forfeited if the committee consider the protest frivolous.