Pet Show

We saw your pampered pet in the family favourite event, the Children's Pet Show.

Thank you all for your participation! What a super array of pets we have. 

Information & Regulations

  • The Pet Show was at 10am on Saturday 21st October 2023.
  • Arrival was by 10am with a completed entry form (download the form below)
  • The Pet Show takes place on Gloucester Oval in front of the Main Stage
  • Limit of 1 entry per child
  • A parent must sign the entry form
  • A parent must be on hand to assist in restraining large dogs if necessary
  • All cats must be in secure wire cages - not cardboard boxes
  • Animals are not permitted to remain at Gloucester Park after the Pet Show
  • No Australian wildlife can be entered


Categories Entry Fee
Best kept Cat  $2
Best kept Rodent $2
Most alike pet and owner $2
Most colourful pet  $2
Cutest baby animal (under 12 months - must be vaccinated) $2
Best kept dog $2
Best fancy dressed pet $2
Best performing pet  $2
Best rescue dog $2
Waggiest rear end $2


Entry Form

Please download the form below and bring to the Pet Show, promptly at 10am, Saturday 21st October 2023