Terms & Conditions



  1. By submitting an application for a Trade Space Site you agree to comply with these Terms & Conditions. 
  2. You are responsible for ensuring all employees and volunteers representing your business/organisation at the Show comply with these Terms and Conditions.
  3. Your application does not constitute a booking.  If your application is approved by the Society, you will be issued with an invoice.  On our receipt of full payment, your booking will be confirmed by us in writing.  Payments are non-refundable.  
  4. All exhibitors, vendors, rides and amusements must have Public Liability Risk Insurance current for the dates of the Show.  Applications submitted without insurance details will not be processed.
  5. Exhibits must comply with and remain inside the area of the Trade Space Site applied for on the application form and marked out by Trade Space Stewards.
  6. No food and/or beverages may be sold without special permission of this Society. 
  7. Any exhibitor and vendor selling food of any kind must have a Certificate of Registration of a Food Business current for the dates of the show.
  8. Recyclable products and packaging are to be used where possible.  All packaging is to be low volume waste and avoid single-use plastics wherever possible.
  9. Trade Space site fees do not include gazebos, trestles, tables and chairs.
  10. Any gazebo, marquee or tent erected on your site must be secured by weights only. No pegs or stakes are permitted to be driven into the ground.
  11. Prohibited activities include:
    • Advertising blimps - the flying, tethered or untethered, of advertising balloons or other large inflatable devices
    • Itinerant selling – vendor activities must be contained within the confines of the allocated Trade Space Site.
    • Raffle tickets - the selling of raffle tickets and the distribution of free raffle tickets as a marketing promotion is permitted only on receipt of written permission of the Society and subject to the Society’s conditions.
    • Unapproved activities – the offering of goods/services other than those indicated on the application form and approved by the Society
  12. Prohibited items for sale or supply include: 
    •  Balloons of any kind 
    • Guns, cap guns and caps/cartridges for cap guns
    •  Water pistols and projectiles
    •  Bow and arrows of any description
    • Celluloid toys – unless they comply with Health Department Regulations and a permit has been obtained from the Department
    • Chemical sprays, silly string, stage door streamers or other similar aerosol items including shaving cream, shaving foam and the like
    • Fireworks including sparklers 
    • Kites – unless disassembled and packaged
    • Laser lights of any kind 
    • Any item which may, by its use or operation, cause alarm or distress to any person or any animal
  13. Provision of Power Points:
    • You will be provided access to only the number of power points you have requested and paid for with your application.
    • You are required to provide your own extension cable/s to connect your electrical equipment to the power point/s.
    • No extension cables or power boards are supplied by the Society.
  14. Electrical Safety Requirements:
    • Any unauthorized connections to power outlets will result in eviction.
    • All electrical work on site must be carried out by a licensed electrical contractor in compliance with Australian Standards AS3000 and AS3002.  Our licensed electrical contractors may check compliance.
    • All electrical cords and extension leads must carry a valid Test Tag dated less than 6 six months prior to the Show. 
    • Double adaptors are not permitted.
    • Heaters and radiators are not permitted.
    • Power boards with overload switches must be of an approved type. 
    • An access opening of appropriate size is to be provided where stands are constructed in front of power and switchboards. 
    • Electrical Cables shall be of a standard insulated and sheathed type and flexible cords shall be heavy duty sheathed type.
    • Cables shall not be laid on the ground in areas accessible to the public.  In all other situations, cables may be laid on the ground for short distances provided that suitable means of protection are provided.
    • Any electrical work, including tagging, required by you to bring your equipment up to approved standards, must be paid for direct to our licensed electricians on the day.
    • Applicants are responsible for any costs incurred by the Society as a result of faulty electrical leads and blown fuses if due to overload.
  15. Any disputes or problems will be directed to the Trade Space Steward who will have the final say.