Class AR10


Steward - Michael Wise

Judge - Leon Pericles (Classes AR17 to AR 22)

Judge - TBA (Classes AR1 to AR16)


Closing Date for entries:  5pm, Wednesday 2nd November 2022

Benching Times

  • All Art exhibits must be delivered to the Exhibition Hall on either
    • Thursday 3rd November 2022 between 4pm and 6pm

    • Friday 4th November 2022 between 8am and 9.30am

  • Exhibits must be collected between 3.00pm and 4.00pm on Saturday 5th November. If you are unable to attend at this time, please arrange for someone to collect for you. Your entry form must be presented for collection.   


  • Entries are not to have been previously entered in the Margaret River Show.
  • Exhibits must be the work of one individual
  • Exhibits must be deemed suitable for family viewing and the steward has full right of censorship
  • ALL paintings and drawings in Classes AR17 to AR22 can either be framed or mounted, but must be suitable for hanging with cord or wire. Exhibits not presented in this way will not be hung or shown. Standard will be at the discretion of the steward
  • Exhibits in Classes AR17 to AR22 should be no larger than 125cm x 125cm
  • Diptych and triptych works should be entered as one single entry
  • All artwork is to have a white card attached with clear tape to the bottom right hand side of the work, facing the front, so that the card hangs below the picture frame, with the name of the artwork and the artist's name. 
  • Sculpture and 3D entries must be installed by the artist and a plinth, solid stand or table supplied by the artist for viewing at least 40cm from the floor
  • Where points totals result in equal amounts, or only one exhibit is entered in a class, prizes are to be distributed at the judge’s discretion
  • Children are also welcome to enter any class they wish in the Painting and Drawing Category
  • Classes AR1 to AR16 (Children's Art) must be submitted on paper or card (any coloured card is acceptable) so they can be pinned on a display board. 
  • Framed work with glass is not permitted in any Class
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Children's Art (Under 5 to 15) 9 to 11 years old Class AR10: Portraiture – any media Entry Fee: $2.00 Location: Exhibition Hall This class is not currently open. Prizes: 1st - $5, 2nd - $3