Class FL46

Flowers & Plants

Steward - Beth Keirnan: Flowers and Children's Flowers

Steward - Judy Durlik: House Plants 

Judges - Mia Fox and Jamie Turner 


Closing date for entries: Midday, Wednesday 18th October 2023

Benching Times

  • All exhibits are to be delivered to the Exhibition Hall (located on Courts 1 & 2 of the Margaret River Rec Centre) on Friday 20th October 2023 between 8am and 9.30am

Collecting Exhibits

All exhibits must be collected at one of the following times: 

  • 8.30pm to 9.00pm, Saturday 21st October (after the fireworks)
  • 9am to 11am, Sunday 22nd October  

If you are unable to attend at these times, please arrange for someone to collect for you. Your entry form must be presented in order for your exhibit to be collected.   


  • All flowers and pot plants to be grown by the exhibitor in a private garden and are to be the property of the exhibitor, with the exception of floral art and weed arrangements. 
  • Exhibit cards must be attached to exhibit containers by rubber band or BluTack. If known, please name cultivars.
  • Exhibitors to supply their own containers for all sections Points are often awarded for the staging or display of exhibits.
  • Exhibits may be disqualified if other than stated number of blooms shown or placed in wrong class.
  • Specimen flowers must have their own stem and foliage. No stems longer than 70cm please. Pack the neck using kitchen towel or oasis so that the stem is held firm for judging and display purposes.
  • In the Decorative classes (F24 and F25) flowers should be on own foliage unless otherwise stated. Judging will be 50/50 for quality of flowers and for arrangement.


  • ‘Distinct’ means not of the same variety - clearly different.
  • ‘Not Scheduled’ means not already named in that section.
  • HT means “hybrid tea”.
  • One ‘cut’ can have multiple flowers.
  • Specimens to be staged in separate bottles of appropriate size.
  • For display purposes, a rose bud is such from the time the calyx opens and colour is visible, until the guard or outer petals open to not more than 45 degrees.
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Potted Plants Class FL46: Bromeliad (single or with attached offsets) Entry Fee: $2.00 Location: Exhibition Hall Enter Class Prizes: 1st - $10, 2nd - $5